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How to Use CBD for Acne?

The skin is the largest organ in the body. Yep. That's right, the skin, otherwise known as the epidermis, is indeed an organ. There are many organs in the body, and the skin just happens to be the largest of them all. But do we take care of it like we take care of other organs?

Let's learn a little bit more about the skin and how to use CBD oil for acne

What is the Skin's Purpose?

The purpose of the epidermis is to protect the organs inside the body. Remember, everything in nature has a purpose- and the human body is part of nature too. So, we know now that the skin is the body's protector- but that doesn't mean that the skin doesn't need protecting itself.
The skin faces many things that it needs to protect itself against and can suffer quite a bit. Whether it suffers at the perils of the environment, old age, or other internal struggles- there are some battles the skin cannot fight successfully. You might notice that quite a few people suffer from some sort of skin disorder. Therefore, keeping your skin in good condition should be one of your top priorities. Washing your skin regularly is one way to protect your skin. But other effective ways can take your skin's protection to the next level. Washing your skin should be done, regardless. Nourishment is another way to take care of your skin. Using the right products to clean, nourish, and protect your skin is essential.
Acne is one of the most significant factors affecting not only youth but adults too.

Various factors can cause acne, but it comes down to excess sebum production most of the time. Excess oil, dirt, and even dead skin cells accumulate in the pores- causing acne outbreaks from the bacteria called Propionibacterium acnes.

Here's how you can use CBD oil for acne.

CBD, a natural product derived from the cannabis plant, is becoming increasingly popular in targeted acne-specific products that could potentially offer a remedy to congested skin caused by inflammation and the bacteria proionibacterium acnes.

Do you want to know more about CBD as a potential aid against acne?

Aside from using products, acne treatment also involves keeping the skin clean and free from the bacteria that tends to egg on acne. Cutting back on triggers for excess oil production is also essential.

CBD and Acne: the Research

Recent studies suggest CBD effectively reduces the specific processes that cause acne (including the build-up of excess oil). The CBD compound shows promise when tested on human skin cells and the glands that produce the oil. (Journal of clinical investigation)

What researchers have been finding is that CBD can slow down oil production. What's more, the CBD compound's anti-inflammatory effects also have a significant effect on not only prohibiting acne from developing but treating existing acne as well.

The research results are currently offering promising indications. However, it is essential to note that more large-scale human trials need to take place.

CBD's sebostatic effects also suggest that hyperactive sebum glands can be balanced with cannabis cannabinoids. The body's internal ECS system also gets some balancing support from the cannabinoid. This may help to bring your internal systems back into a state of balance, including balancing the anandamide levels (the component that regulates cell growth).
When you are shopping for CBD products to treat acne, there is one essential thing that you must do for all products you consider. This is arguably the most important thing to do. Are you ready to hear it? Before you even consider using a CBD product to treat your acne, you should read through the label. And after that, you should read up on the company's reviews and even double-check their third party lab reports to make sure you are putting a pure product on your skin. Independent testing is done by almost every reputable CBD business.

How to use CBD Oil for Acne?

You can use CBD products like CBD oil and even topicals for acne. Studies have found that CBD products could be effective anti-inflammatories due to the potential anti-inflammatory properties held by the cannabinoid. As the CBD compound is known to target inflammation within the body, there is no surprise that CBD for acne could be useful since acne is an inflammatory condition.

CBD oil for acne is one of the simplest ways to use CBD for acne. Whether you get CBD Oil to ingest as a tincture or CBD oil as a face product to rub into and nourish your skin, there are many ways to use CBD for acne.

What Is the Best Way to Use CBD Oil for Acne?

  • Apply CBD Directly

Using a balm, salve, serum, or lotion, you can apply CBD directly onto your skin and the affected areas.

  • Take CBD Orally

Whether you prefer capsules or tinctures, there are ways to ingest CBD so that you can control the exact CBD dosage that you intake. If you are interested in a tincture, check the oil's potency and then decide the number of drops to take per day. When taking CBD orally, one of the most effective ways is to place a few drops underneath your tongue and keep it there for at least 60 seconds. This allows the direct absorption of the oil (bypassing the first-pass metabolism) and allows for more immediate effects.

When you just begin taking CBD for acne,  it is crucial to pay close attention to dosing. Always start with a low dose and monitor your reactions. From there, you can increase or decrease the dose increments until you find your 'sweet spot.'

CBD is a compound found in nature- and it holds the potential to be more effective (with much fewer side effects) than most pharmaceutical products on the market. Always buy CBD from a reputable distributor you can trust.

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