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How long does CBD stay in your system?

How long does Cannabidiol (CBD) stay in your system?

The amount of time CBD stays in your system depends very much on the quantity taken and the frequency of use as well as each person’s personal body composition. In most cases this ranges from five to up to 12 days. Generally, CBD will leave your system 7 days after last use. Frequent uses, namely more than 10mg per day may see CBD linger for much longer. Lets recap as to what CBD is ….

 What is CBD?

CBD (or cannabidiol) is the substance found in the leaves and stalks of the hemp plant. Although cannabis comes from the same plant, the THC content of CBD is much lower, meaning that there are no psychoactive effects.  CBD is one of the most naturally abundant compounds found in the hemp plant. The myriad of potential uses ion health and beauty is

What factors affect the amount of time CBD stays in the body?

The dosage taken, potency of the oil and personal factors such as gender, water consumption, weight and age will all determine how long CBD will still be present. The bottom line is that it is impossible to determine with accuracy how long it will stay in the system as each person is different and each person will metabolise differently.

Will CBD come up in a drug test?

 No, as CBD is not tested in drug tests it will not show up. CBD is legal within the UK for consumption and topical use. THC on the other hand which is the psycho-active component of Cannabis is only allowed in 0.02% of the total content of the container. It’s important to remember that broad spectrum oils and isolates do not contain THC so are safe to consume if you are looking to access only the CBD without THC. Full Spectrum oils will contain small amounts of THC but at such low levels that they are unlikely to show up in drug tests.

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